March 15: Guatemala Announcement

Dear Guatemala study abroad students, parents, and guardians,

The world has witnessed unprecedented volatility in the last few days.  There has been a chain reaction of impacts since the European travel ban was imposed on Friday.  International airline carriers have cut their capacity and other countries have imposed travel restrictions.  Guatemala is no exception.  Guatemala has recently restricted arriving travel into Guatemala for U.S. citizens.  Moreover, we have witnessed a dramatic decrease in flights between the U.S. and Guatemala with the new travel restrictions.

I write this message not to cause fear, but to let you know CSB/SJU is moving quickly to support your health, safety, and well-being.  Effective immediately, CSB/SJU is suspending the Guatemala Spring 2020 program.  We need you to pack all of your belongings immediately.  We are arranging a bus to take all of you to Guatemala City either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  You will stay in a hotel for the evening and depart Guatemala for the U.S. on either Monday or Tuesday.  We will be in touch with more information about this.

Please note we will have a plan in place for your studies to continue remotely from your home residence.  But for now, please focus on the task at hand.

Students, I know this is a lot to process but we need you to pack your belongings immediately and await further instruction from Elena Sanchez Mora via WhatsApp.  We will get through this time together. 


Kevin Clancy

Director, Center for Global Education