March 15: A Message of Gratitude and Hope

Dear Students, Families, and Colleagues,

Friday was a very difficult day for the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University. To protect our students, we were forced to say farewell to parts of our community. The decision was heart-rending, and we felt that as we walked our campuses Friday afternoon. Families coming to pack up daughters and sons; professors watching their students leave knowing the next time they will see them will be on-line; and coaches and student athletes consoling each other as spring sports are canceled. Friday was a difficult day.

Friday was also a meaningful day for our community. It was a day of grace, as mothers and fathers said they understood. Faculty members encouraged each other as they are intent to maintain their relationships and love for our students, even remotely. We were lifted by the many people who said they were praying for us, our community. Our whole community responded with courage and hope. We are truly grateful. Friday was a day of grace.

We are blessed with the Abbey and Monastery, the centers of our community, and they assure us our community – our students, our professors, our families, our staff – are in their prayers.

In these difficult times we pray. And as we pray, we are hopeful, hopeful that all will be healthy and well, and our community reunited soon.

Mary Dana Hinton                               

CSB President                                              

Eugene McAllister

SJU Interim President