The Academic Experience

CSB/SJU will adopt a block schedule with hybrid learning for academic year 2020-21

Learn more about the reasons for moving to a block schedule with hybrid learning.

The block schedule reduces the number of classes students take at one time, while providing an engaging and intensive learning experience, and hybrid learning allows for the integration of online and in-classroom learning. This plan focuses on safety and flexibility, with consistency for students across disciplines.

As Benedictine institutions, being together and learning together in community is at the heart of the CSB/SJU identity. We know being together is what our community desires and how students best learn, grow and find support. We believe the block schedule offers us the best chance to be back together on campus and remain there for the semester.

Please review the Student FAQs for additional information.

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Hybrid Learning

Through hybrid learning, classroom content is delivered in person and online at the same time by the same faculty member. Students and faculty can be in person or online based on their individual circumstances and social distancing can be maintained more easily because there are fewer people in the classroom. CSB/SJU have made significant technology investments to ensure classrooms are outfitted for hybrid learning at the start of the 2020-21 academic year.