These links will lead you to webpages related to our project, or to sites we find insightful or interesting. They are not endorsed or maintained by CSB/SJU.

Catherine Patten, from the Catholic Common Ground Initiative, kicked off our project when she came to campus to speak in April. For more information about the Initiative:

The Teagle Foundation provided the funding for this research project. For more information about the Teagle Foundation:

The Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver is a conference center whose mission seeks to understand effective communication:

In the Difficult Dialogues project, funded by the Ford Foundation, we have found similarities to our own project. 27 institutions of higher education received grants of $100,000 each, to promote scholarly discussions of tough issues. $10,000 stipends were awarded to 16 other institutions for the same purpose:

The international institute for sustained dialogue seeks to transform discourse across disciplines through a five-stage process: