Constance Berger

Name: Constance Berger

Year: Junior

Hometown: Wyoming, Minnesota

Major(s)/Minor(s): English Literature, Biology (Pre-Medicine)


How did you decide to become an English major?

I tutored students throughout my high school career for English classes; when I stopped, I missed it, and just knew I needed it back!

How did you decide to come to CSB/SJU?

I decided to attend CSB/SJU because it was not located in a large city. I need the nature!  CSB/SJU has everything I want academically and a great community surrounding it.

What has been your favorite English course?

My favorite English class (thus far) has been Upper Division Film Studies!  It is very enjoyable to be able to apply common theories and topics to modern works of art. Now, I have a new appreciation for film.

How do you feel about the professors?

I enjoy the CSB/SJU English professors very much; they are creative, passionate and really want to help you grow.  Each one brings new ideas and great character to every class. 

What's been your biggest challenge while being here?

The biggest challenge I have faced at CSB/SJU is finding who I am and what makes me happy; and most importantly, what I want to do with the rest of my life!  (Most days I have no idea!)  I have struggled with keeping a drive and momentum at times, but once you find a routine that fits, everything else just comes to you!

What are your plans post-CSB/SJU?

Post-CSB/SJU I plan to go on to Medical School.