Computer Science

Zak Leutmer '19

Current Job/Career (feel free to elaborate on what you do):

I am currently a Software Developer-Supervisor on the Enterprise Data Team.

As a developer, I both develop and support applications assisting with the quality and flow of data across Federated.

As a supervisor, I serve on the management team where I assist in future planning for the Enterprise Data Team and help other developers be successful.

Degree’s Earned:

BA in both computer science and mathematics.

What inspired you to become a computer science major?

I started at SJU knowing I wanted to be a math major, but I also had an interest in computer science so tried out the intro course and stuck with it.

How do you use the computer science major in your current career?

While I don't develop as much as when I started, the problem-solving skills you learn while attaining your Computer Science degree help in more areas than just coding.

On the management side, we must problem solve constantly to stay efficient as a team. Choosing tasks to work on, choosing priorities, etc.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in computer science?

You'll always be working with others, so use this opportunity to learn how to become a great teammate!

In my 4 years, I've never worked solo on a project so do your best to learn how to work with all types of personalities.

Zak Leutmer '19

Software Developer-Supervisor on the Enterprise Data Team for Federated Insurance Companies

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Imad Rahal
Chair, Computer Science Department
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