Computer Science

Vince Kahlhamer '21

Current Job/Career (feel free to elaborate on what you do):

I am currently a Software Developer and the QA Lead for a major project on an internal system.

As a developer I am currently doing front end work editing screens that will be seen my many users every day.

As a QA Lead I am both creating and implementing strategies for testing our system and leading a group of testers who are making sure that no mistakes slip through.

Degree’s Earned:

BA in CS

What inspired you to become a computer science major?

I came to school undecided between finance and comp sci and I hated the intro to accounting class.

How do you use the computer science major in your current career?

I still use the basic functions that I learned early on (if statements, for loops, ext) on a daily basis they just have gotten more and more complicated.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in computer science?

It’s equally as important to learn personal/soft skills as ‘computer stuff’.

Vince Kahlhamer '21

Software Developer and the QA Lead for Federated Insurance Companies

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Imad Rahal
Chair, Computer Science Department
CSB Main 262