Computer Science

Computer Science Software Applications

On Windows computers, you can launch the following by simply clicking on the links and choosing to “Open the file from its current location.” The JAR files require you to have Java (J2SE 1.4 or later). (Campus computers have it already installed; you can download it from Sun’s Web site.)

Java development environment


Build and simulate logic circuits.

Data Representation (JAR file)
Explore the representation of numeric values.

XVI (Windows executable only)
View and edit a file's hexadecimal representation. (From Christian Maas)

PNM Viewer (JAR file)
Explore the representation of images in the PNM format.

SimHYMN (JAR file)
Write and run programs for the 8-bit HYMN CPU.

SOCS (JAR file)
A library of classes for learning basic Java programming, featuring a robot.

Automaton Simulator (JAR file)
Build and simulate finite state automata and Turing machines.

Sort Animator (JAR file)
Compare sort methods

Grammar Editor (JAR file)
Build context-free grammars and parse sentences.

Lambda Calculator (JAR file)
Experiment with the lambda calculus

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