Student Resources

Computer Science Software Applications

Contact our Linux administrator, Bailey Swick, if you are experiencing any issues with Linux hardware or software at [email protected].

Consider Becoming a Teaching Assistant

Being a teaching assistant is a good way for students to further develop their own understanding of computer science and become more involved in our program. This student employment allows you to work with faculty and other teaching assistants helping other students master computer science concepts and programming skills.

Jobs and Internships

The majority of our students do internships the summer after their junior year, and in many cases, after their sophomore year. In recent years, the variety of internship opportunities has been almost limitless. We consider an internship a very useful component of our students’ education. These generally high-paying internships enable students to get a real feeling for what a career in computer science is like. Internships frequently lead to full-time jobs. It is common for a majority of the seniors who had a summer internship to be offered permanent employment at the same company following graduation.

Careers: Marketing Your Computer Science Background

A background in any high-tech area is a salable commodity, but a degree in computer science is usually one of the degrees most sought after by industry. The computer industry is fast-paced and competitive. CSB/SJU computer science graduates have an advantage over students from more conventional programs. Our students not only have a solid foundation in computer science, but due to the liberal arts environment here, they have developed better research, writing, and oral communication skills that enable them to move quickly from entry-level jobs to research and management positions—particularly if they do more than the minimum course requirements and demonstrate strong achievement in the field while in college. Employers recognize the quality of our graduates and several companies come directly to campus to recruit our seniors. The XPD – Experience & Professional Development office coordinates the recruiting and provides assistance in learning about career options and pursuing employment.