Numerical Computation Major

  • Appropriate CSCI or MATH 300-level topics courses can also satisfy elective credits with the approval of the program chair.
  • Four elective credits from either track can be replaced by one of the following courses: BIOL 221, CHEM 234, ECON 332, ENVR 275, or PHYS 200
  • At least eight of the twelve elective credits must be at the 300-level.
  • Electives must be chosen as a coherent program of study that supports the student’s area of interest. This program must be chosen in consultation with faculty advisor and subject to the approval of the program chair.
  • Students must be previously admitted to the major, and they must meet all CSB and SJU requirements for graduation. CSB and SJU requires a 2.00 GPA in CSCI courses to graduate with a Numerical Computation degree.

Quick Facts

  • Total classes:
  • Weeks per class:
  • Total Credit Hours:
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Course Number Course Title Credits
CSCI 130 Concepts of Computing: Science and Applications 4 Credits
CSCI 130L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 140 Concepts of Computing: Science and Mathematics 4 Credits
CSCI 140L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 150 Introduction to Computing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences 4 Credits
CSCI 150L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 160 Problem Solving, Programming, and Computers 4 Credits
CSCI 160L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 200 Abstraction, Data Structures, and Large Software Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 200L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 217A Programming Contest Team 1 Credit
CSCI 217B Robotics Programming Contest 1 Credit
CSCI 217D Volunteering and Outreach 0 Credits
CSCI 217E Video Game Design and Development 1 Credit
CSCI 230 Software Development 4 Credits
CSCI 230L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 239 Discrete Computational Structures 4 Credits
CSCI 239L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 271 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CSCI 310 Computer Organization 4 Credits
CSCI 312 Data Communications and Networks 4 Credits
CSCI 317D Bioinformatics 4 Credits
CSCI 317G Network Programming 4 Credits
CSCI 317H Artificial Intelligence 4 Credits
CSCI 317I Computer Security 4 Credits
CSCI 317J Agile and Efficient Software Development 4 Credits
CSCI 317K Natural Language Processing 4 Credits
CSCI 317M Volunteering and Outreach 1 Credit
CSCI 317N Colloquium in Computer Science 1 Credit
CSCI 317O Video Game Design and Development 4 Credits
CSCI 318 Topics in Software Development 1-4 Credits
CSCI 321 Computer Graphics 4 Credits
CSCI 330 Software Engineering 4 Credits
CSCI 331 Database Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 332 Machine Learning 4 Credits
CSCI 338 Algorithms and Concurrency 4 Credits
CSCI 339 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science 4 Credits
CSCI 340 Organization of Programming Languages 4 Credits
CSCI 341 Compiler Theory 4 Credits
CSCI 350 Operating Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 351 Principles of Parallel Computing 4 Credits
CSCI 371 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CSCI 372 Senior Research 4 Credits
CSCI 373 Senior Research in Computer Science 4 Credits
CSCI 377A Ethical Issues in Computing 4 Credits
CSCI 397 Internship 1-8 Credits