Computer Science Major

At CSB and SJU, each student must be admitted into a major before registering as a junior. In our programs, this process is not competitive; it certifies only that we feel that the student is making reasonable progress. For admission to the computer science major, the student must complete the following requirements as evidence of reasonable progress toward the major. A student who is close to completing these requirements may receive “conditional admission”, giving the student an additional semester to meet the requirements.

Quick Facts

  • Total classes:
  • Weeks per class:
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Students will be accepted into the Computer Science major if:

Students will be conditionally accepted into the Computer Science major if:

Students not accepted to the major must consult with Academic Advising. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be allowed to continue working toward a Computer Science major, subject to constraints determined by the Chair of the department in consultation with Academic Advising.

Course Number Course Title Credits
CSCI 130 Concepts of Computing: Science and Applications 4 Credits
CSCI 130L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 140 Concepts of Computing: Science and Mathematics 4 Credits
CSCI 140L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 150 Introduction to Computing in the Liberal Arts and Sciences 4 Credits
CSCI 150L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 160 Problem Solving, Programming, and Computers 4 Credits
CSCI 160L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 200 Abstraction, Data Structures, and Large Software Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 200L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 217A Programming Contest Team 1 Credit
CSCI 217B Robotics Programming Contest 1 Credit
CSCI 217D Volunteering and Outreach 0 Credits
CSCI 217E Video Game Design and Development 1 Credit
CSCI 230 Software Development 4 Credits
CSCI 230L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 239 Discrete Computational Structures 4 Credits
CSCI 239L Laboratory 0 Credits
CSCI 271 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CSCI 310 Computer Organization 4 Credits
CSCI 312 Data Communications and Networks 4 Credits
CSCI 317D Bioinformatics 4 Credits
CSCI 317G Network Programming 4 Credits
CSCI 317H Artificial Intelligence 4 Credits
CSCI 317I Computer Security 4 Credits
CSCI 317J Agile and Efficient Software Development 4 Credits
CSCI 317K Natural Language Processing 4 Credits
CSCI 317M Volunteering and Outreach 1 Credit
CSCI 317N Colloquium in Computer Science 1 Credit
CSCI 317O Video Game Design and Development 4 Credits
CSCI 318 Topics in Software Development 1-4 Credits
CSCI 321 Computer Graphics 4 Credits
CSCI 330 Software Engineering 4 Credits
CSCI 331 Database Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 332 Machine Learning 4 Credits
CSCI 338 Algorithms and Concurrency 4 Credits
CSCI 339 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science 4 Credits
CSCI 340 Organization of Programming Languages 4 Credits
CSCI 341 Compiler Theory 4 Credits
CSCI 350 Operating Systems 4 Credits
CSCI 351 Principles of Parallel Computing 4 Credits
CSCI 371 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CSCI 372 Senior Research 4 Credits
CSCI 373 Senior Research in Computer Science 4 Credits
CSCI 377A Ethical Issues in Computing 4 Credits
CSCI 397 Internship 1-8 Credits