Imad RahalComputer Science Department Chair

Office: CSB Main 262, 320-363-5541             

Area of expertise: Data Mining

Professor, 2005-

BS, Lebanese American University, 2001

MS (computer science) North Dakota State University, 2003

PhD (computer science) North Dakota State University, 2005


 Imad Rahal

Heather Amthauer

 Office: CSB Main 256, 320-363-5543

Area of expertise: knowledge discovery and data mining, bioinformatics 

Associate Professor, 2020-

BA (Chemistry major, Biology minor), Macalester College, 1996

MS (Computer Science with Honors), University of Kansas, 2003

Ph.D. (Computer Science), University of Kansas, 2008

Post-Doctoral (Multiagent Systems), University of Kansas, 2008-2009

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Mike Heroux 

Office: CSB Main 250, 320-363-5538

 Area of expertise: Scalable scientific and engineering software for parallel architectures

Scientist-in-residence, Computer Science 1998-

BA, St. John's University, 1983

MS  (mathematics),  Colorado State University, 1986

PhD (mathematics),  Colorado State University, 1989


Heather Amthauer

Mike Heoux

Noreen Herzfeld

Office: SJU Luke 206, 320-363-2693

Area of expertise: Ethics 

Professor, 1982-

BA, Saint Olaf College, 1978

MS (computer science) Pennsylvania State University,1981

MA (mathematics), Pennsylvania State University, 1982

MA (theology), Saint John's University, 1994

PhD (spirituality), The Graduate Theological Union, 2000



Robert Hesse

 Office: CSB Main 212, 320-363-5518

Area of expertise: Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modeling

Associate Professor, 2001-

BA, Saint John's University, 1991

MS , University of Minnesota, 1996

PhD (Mathematics), University of Minnesota, 1997

Bob Hesse

Jeremy Iverson

 Office: CSB Main 258, 320-363-5542

Area of expertise: High Performance Computing 

Assistant Professor, 2016-

BA, Saint John's University, 2010

MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 2013

PhD (computer science), University of Minnesota, 2017



Channa Kumarage

 Office: CSB Main 260, 320-363-5537

Area of expertise: Cyber Security, Digital Forensics  

Instructor, 2019-

BSc (Computer Science) University of Colombo, 2009

MS (Computer Science) Saint Cloud State University, 2015

MS (Information Assurance) Saint Cloud State University, 2017


Channa Kumarage

John Miller

 Office: CSB Main 254, 320-363-5544

 Laboratory/ Student Employment Coordinator, 1994-

BA, Saint John's University, 1972

BA, University of Minnesota - Mankato, 1977

MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1992


John Miller

Peter Ohmann

Office: CSB Main 264, 320-363-5540

Area of expertise: Software Engineering

Assistant Professor, 2018-

BA, St. John's University 2010

PhD University of Wisconsin -Madison (computer science) 2017


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Ashley KoshiolDepartment Coordinator

Office: CSB Main 303

Phone: 320-363-5484     

Ashley Koshiol

J. Andrew Whitford-Holey , Emeritus - 2020    

Professor, 1991 - 2019

BA, Luther College, 1976

MDiv, Yale University Divinity School, 1980

MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1990

PhD (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1991



Jim SchnepfEmeritus - 2017  

Associate Professor, 1996 - 2017 

BA, Saint John's University, 1975

MS (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1991

PhD (computer science), University of Minnesota, 1995


Jim Schnepf

Lynn Ziegler, Emeritus - 2015  

Professor  1990-2015

BA, Saint Olaf College, 1971

PhD (mathematics), University of Michigan, 1977

MS (computer science), Ohio State University, 1981



Lynn Ziegler