Course Information

The following is the current schedule for CSCI courses courses: 

Courses offered every semester

CSCI-150: Intro to Computing
CSCI-160: Problem Solving & Programming
CSCI-369: Ethics
CSCI-373: Capstone

Courses offered only in the Fall semester

Courses offered only in the Spring semester

CSCI-200: Data Structures
CSCI-239: Discrete Structures
CSCI-339: Theory

CSCI-230: Software Development
CSCI-310: Computer Organization
CSCI-338: Algorithms

The department has recently offered (or plans to offer) the following upper division electives:

CSCI-312: Computer Networks
CSCI-330: Software Engineering
CSCI-331: Database Systems
CSCI-332: Machine Learning
CSCI-340: Programming Languages
CSCI-350: Operating Systems

CSCI-351: Parallel Programming
CSCI 317D: Bioinformatics
CSCI 317H: Artificial Intelligence
CSCI 317I: Computer Security
CSCI 317J: Agile and Efficient Software Development