MICS 2004 Robotics Contest

On April 16, 2004, CSB/SJU sent two robots to compete at the Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium held at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The goal was to navigate across a grid to a goal point and then return. The first SJU robot, built by Pat Albrecht, Nathaniel Dalbec, Paul Sexton, and Chris Stocker, was one of only two robots that successfully completed the task. The other SJU robot, built by Joe Federer, joined the majority of competitors in getting sidetracked.

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Joe Federer (pointing) discusses strategy with the team of Chris Stocker (looking thoughtfully) and Paul Sexton (placing robot). Nathaniel Dalbec and Pat Albrecht, who worked with Chris and Paul building the robot, did not attend the contest.

The judge verifies that the robot built by the first team (Albrecht, Dalbec, Sexton, Stocker) reached the goal. It was one of only two teams to reach the goal.

On its return trip, the robot dodges between two obstacles. The robot successfully returns, with a time of 1:26. This placed it in second place, ten seconds behind than the winning robot.

Joe Federer starts his robot on the course.

The robot successfully dodges the first obstacle. Unfortunately, it lost the grid soon thereafter and did not successfully complete the course.