Programming Contest: Spring 2003

Here's how it works: Each team of three students is given a set of programming problems. The team, using a single computer, attempts to solve as many problems as possible within the time limit. The team solving the most problems wins.

The contest experience is fun, allows you to meet other interested students, and helps in improving your programming and problem-solving skills. Last semester, six students practiced and attended an intercollegiate programming contest. All of them found it fun; most are returning for another semester.

Sound interesting? We're looking for more participants for Spring 2003.

  • You need to have a good understanding of Java (completing CSCI 160 would be enough).
  • To participate, just let me (Prof Carl Burch) know that you'd like to do it. (Let me know as an individual - I'm not looking for whole teams.)
  • Practices will be even Monday evenings, on February 3, February 17, March 10, March 24, and April 7. Each practice will be a three-hour contest (of at least two teams), followed by a half-hour discussion.
  • There is an intercollegiate contest in Duluth April 11-12. We'll bring either one or two three-person teams, but I don't know which, and so I can't make promises about who will go. (I think the practices are fun enough.)
If you may be interested but have questions, feel free to ask.