2002-03 News

Dr. Herzfeld promoted

Dr. Noreen Herzfeld has been promoted to the title of Professor. She is the first computer science faculty member at CSB/SJU to earn this prestigious rank. Congratulations! 5 May 2003

Fall 2003 programming practice

Students interested in improving programming skills are welcome - you do not need to be a programming fiend! CSCI 160 or an equivalent background is a prerequisite. Watch for announcements early in the fall semester from the teams' coach, Dr Carl Burch, We'll be practicing Monday evenings (6:30-10:00), so leave that time available. About the programming teams. 5 May 2003

Research positions

Another thing to watch for in the fall semester: A recent anonymous $30,000 donation to computer science is enabling two research positions for advanced computer science students. Details about the hiring process will appear here when they become available, probably early in the fall semester. 5 May 2003

Programming contest results

Congratulations to our two programming teams, who placed third and fifth at the recent MICS contest held in Duluth. The contest included 30 teams from 17 colleges in 5 states. 17 Apr 2003

Information Systems class in Fall 2003

A class on Management Information Systems (MGMT 305-4A) will be offered Fall 2003. It does not count towards a computer science major or minor, but many students may find the topic relevant and interesting. Prof Nordquist, the instructor, points out that computer science students will not need the listed prerequisite. 16 Apr 2003

Spring 2003 373 Presentations

The Spring 2003 semester CSCI 373 students will present their senior papers in the Peter Engel Science Center, Room 225, at 6:00pm on April 22, April 24, April 29, and May 1. Another page describes the schedule of talks. 16 Apr 2003

Spring 2003 Honors Thesis Defenses

Four seniors have scheduled their honors theses related to computer science.

  • Radhika Lal, The Market for Operating Systems: Is it a penguin's paradise?, April 1, 4:30p, CSB, TRC Boardroom.
  • Jennifer Dommer, Bioinformatics: The effects of sequence length and percent identity on alignments done with CLUSTALW, April 5, 1:30p, PEngl 225.
  • Michael Boldt, Improved Partitioning of Convection-Diffusion Problems, April 25, 4:00p, NewSc 140.
  • Christopher Marsh, Machine Learning: Applying reinforcement learning to continuous environments, April 23 (or 25), 4:30p, PEngl 225.

All students and faculty are welcome to these presentations! 1 Apr 2003

TAs wanted for 2003-04

We are now looking for TAs for next year. To apply, complete the online application. Being a TA is a great way to master class material, meet a variety of other majors, and earn money at the same time. For top preference, applications should be completed by February 21. 14 Feb 2003

Solaris computers are in Alcuin Library

Three computers are now in the southeast corner of the top floor (the corner nearest Peter Engel Science Center, across the checkout desk from the PCs). These computers give an alternative to Clemens Library for accessing Solaris consoles over the weekend. 14 Feb 2003

Summer undergraduate research opportunities

Many research laboratories have summer programs for students interested in doing computer science research. I've put together a list of several; deadlines are fast approaching. 19 Jan 2003

Programming team practices

If you're interested in competing with interested students while improving your programming skills, Dr Burch is putting together programming contests this semester starting February 3. 17 Jan 2003

Student publication

Congratulations to Abnita Munankarmy (CSB '02) whose senior thesis resulted in a paper coauthored with her advisor Prof Mike Heroux, ``A Comparison of Two Equivalent Real Formulations for Complex-Valued Linear Systems,'' published December 2002 in the American Journal of Undergraduate Research. 17 Jan 2003

Seniors accepted to NCUR

Congratulations also to Radhika Lal (CSB '03) and Chris Marsh (SJU '03), whose papers were accepted to the National Conference of Undergraduate Research in Salt Lake City, March 2003. Their papers are based on their senior theses, advised respectively by Prof Jim Schnepf and Prof Carl Burch. 17 Jan 2003

Course advisory for Class of 2004

The current plan for classes in 2003-2004 does not include CSCI 340 (Programming Languages) in Spring 2004. If you have not yet completed the CSCI 339/340 requirement, you should enroll in either CSCI 340 in Spring 2003 or CSCI 339 in Fall 2003. 9 Dec 2002

Senior research presentations

The students of CSCI 373 will present their final presentations in PEngl 225, at 6:30 pm on Monday, December 2, Thursday, December 5, and Monday, December 9. 20 Nov 2002

Programming teams compete

Today, two teams from CSB/SJU competed in the North Central U.S. Regional contest, a part of the annual ACM International Programming Contest. The teams placed 32nd and 46th in our region of 153 teams, which includes seven states and two provinces. They placed 6th and 11th among the 22 Minnesota teams and 3rd and 5th among the 10 teams from private Minnesota colleges. Complete standings. 9 Nov 2002

Spring 2003 2-credit offerings

We are offering two 2-credit courses for Spring 2003 for students interested in broadening their programming background: Java for C++ programmers, and C++ for Java programmers. These were not approved in time for the printed schedule, but they are available for registration. Both are numbered CSCI 217; note that they do not count as upper-division electives. 31 Oct 2002

Considering graduate study in computer science?

Come to the session at 4:30pm on Wednesday, Oct 21, in PEngl 225. The graduate admissions director for U of M's computer science department and Kris Kampshoff (SJU '01), current U of M grad student, will be there to talk about graduate study in general and U of M's program in particular. Students from all classes are welcome. 21 Oct 2002