2001-02 News

Senior research presentations

The students of CSCI 373 will present their final presentations in Peter Engel, Room 204, at 1:00pm Friday May 3, 9:30am Monday May 6, and 1:00pm Monday May 6. 30 Apr 2002

Programming team

In Fall 2002, we plan to field CSB/SJU's first programming team for the International ACM Programming Contest. More information is on another page.

Abnita Munankarmy and Ben Franek defend theses

Abnita Munankarmy's thesis, A Comparison of Two Equivalent Real Formulations for Complex-Valued Linear Systems, will be at 4:15pm Wednesday April 24 in Peter Engel 225. Ben Franek's thesis, Computer Vision: Image Analysis and Recognition, will be at 4:30pm Thursday April 25 in Peter Engel 225. 24 Apr 2002

Kara Hansen defends thesis Wednesday

She will present her undergraduate thesis at 4:00pm Wednesday March 27 in Peter Engel 225. 25 Mar 2002

Rebecca Shafer defends thesis Tuesday

She will present her undergraduate thesis, about automatically detecting trademark violations on the Web, at 4:00pm Tuesday March 26 in Peter Engel 229. 19 Mar 2002

Network Programming offered for Fall 2002

In Fall 2002, Lynn Ziegler will teach a CSCI 317 course titled Network Programming. It is designed to teach students how to write programs using Java that enable one to use the network in an efficient way. Students will write client/server applications, servelets, applications that access the World Wide Web, JSP pages, JDBC, etc. Solid knowledge of Java would be very helpful but anyone who can program well in a similar language (like C++) should be able to learn what is necessary. 18 Mar 2002

First-year majors: How to request advisors

You should receive a form for requesting an advisor. Computer science majors should complete this form as much as possible without specifying your advisor and submit the form to the department chair's office (PEngl 203 - slip it under the door if it's closed). The chair will handle it from there: He'll complete the form and submit it to the registrar.

If you would prefer a particular professor to be your advisor, write the request on the back of the form. The chair will honor the request if it doesn't interfere with balancing the advising load between faculty. 12 Feb 2002

TAs wanted for 2002-2003

We are now looking for 8 TAs for next year. To apply, complete the on-line application. Being a TA is a great way to master class material, meet a variety of other majors, and earn money. Applications are due March 4. 12 Feb 2002

Book by Prof Herzfeld published

Prof Noreen Herzfeld's book In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit will be published in May 2002 by Fortress Press. Based on Prof Herzfeld's PhD dissertation, the book explores the relationship between spirituality and the pursuit of artificial intelligence. 7 Feb 2002

Paper published about logic circuit simulator

In March 2002, the ACM Journal of Educational Resources in Computing will publish a paper by Prof Carl Burch about Logisim. Developed as a resource for several computer science classes at CSB/SJU, Logisim allows students to design and simulate logic circuits. 7 Feb 2002

Senior research presentations

The students of CSCI 373 will present their final presentations on Tuesday 4 December, Thursday 6 December, and Tuesday 11 December, at 6:30pm in Peter Engel, Room 225. 29 Nov 2001

Planned 2002-2003 classes

A list is now available on-line to help you plan out your electives. These are very tentative; don't take it too seriously. 29 Oct 2001

Spring 2002 elective offering

In addition to the computer science offerings, Dr Herzfeld is offering a Senior Seminar course (Section 14A) about philosophical, ethical, and religious issues in computer science. This can count for either Senior Seminar credit or for elective credit in the major - but not for both. Speak with Prof Holey if you wish to take the course for elective credit. 22 Oct 2001

CSCI major requirements updated

To give students greater choice of upper-division computer science courses, the department has adopted the following change. Beginning with the current graduating class (Class of 2002), computer science majors may substitute any four-credit 300-level CSCI course for either CSCI 339 or 340. This does not reduce the total number of credits required for the major. To obtain this substitution, students should get the appropriate form from the registrar and obtain the department chair's signature. 6 Sep 2001

Admission requirements for CSCI major updated

At CSB/SJU, students typically apply for admission to a major in their sophomore year. The department has adopted new criteria for admission to the major.

  • For sophomores in the academic year 2001-2002: A student must complete CSCI 150, 160, and 200 and two of the required mathematics courses. The student must have a GPA of at least 2.25 in the three CSCI courses and 2.00 in the five courses listed above.
  • For sophomores in following academic years: A student must complete CSCI 150, 160, and 200 and two of the required mathematics courses. The student must have a GPA of at least 2.50 in the three CSCI courses and not more than one grade below a C in the five courses listed above.

This change does not affect students who have already applied for admission to the major. 6 Sep 2001

New Fall 2001 course offering.

Prof Mike Heroux is offering CSCI 317 (High performance computing) as two 2-credit courses, one in the fall and one in the spring, contingent on sufficient student interest. With the abolition of J-term, your tuition now covers up to 18 credits per semester. So if you were planning two 16-credit semesters, you can add CSCI 317 without dropping any courses. The class will meet once a cycle for two hours, with the time to be negotiated between those interested. E-mail Prof Heroux if you are interested. 31 August 2001

Religion and computer science grant.

Congratulations to Prof Noreen Herzfeld, who was awarded a $10,000 grant from the John Templeton Foundation to design and teach a new course, "Philosophical, ethical, and religious issues in computer science.'' Prof Herzfeld will teach the course for the first time in the Spring 2002 semester. 23 June 2001

New computers.

We have received over thirty new Solaris computers from Sun Microsystems, to be installed in the Peter Engel 212 computer laboratory, a CSB laboratory, and in the faculty offices. The computers were funded partially by an educational grant from Sun and will enable the department to use and teach Java more effectively than before. 23 June 2001

New professor!

We are pleased to welcome Chris Lusena as an assistant professor on our faculty beginning Fall 2001. Chris Lusena is graduating from the PhD program at the University of Kentucky and will be teaching CSCI 150 (Intro to CS) and CSCI 338 (Algorithms) in the fall. 13 June 2001