Hosting A CE Day Event

Participation in Community Engagement Days:

  • Programs offered/available on these days will be curated. Events that are not selected for Community Engagement Days are encouraged to find a spot during the CE weekend. Only curated events will happen on Community Engagement Fridays to manage resources and nurture engagement.
  • Proposed events will be assessed on a rubric that will consider:
    • applicability to the Institutional Learning Goals
    • complementary nature to the signature events
    • value for the entire campus
    • creativity/uniqueness
    • cross community interaction and/or transformative inclusion experiences
  • Departments offering events are encouraged to spread out their participation so that CE Days can highlight a variety of campus initiatives and opportunities.

While we will share signature events in advance, a release of the full schedule for each CE Day will happen on a rolling basis two weeks before in order to encourage ongoing inspiration and access. Event submissions for each CE Day are due by 5 p.m. on the prior CE Day.

We hope to create enticing, enriching opportunities on Community Engagement Days—as an integrated key part of the CSB/SJU experience within the block schedule. We want to affirm and encourage all students who participate. Participating students will be entered into a randomized drawing for gift cards. Each CE Day, four students who participate in the event will be selected for a $20 gift card. Students who participate in all three days during the semester will be entered into a randomized drawing for two $50 gift cards.

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