Tiffany Taylor

Communication graduate Tiffany TaylorWhy did you pick the Communication Major?
It is important to know that I was a born talker. We all knew I would major in something that allowed me to speak, but even then it was the Communication Major at CSB/SJU that really made me develop a passion for the major itself with just how diverse it is and what it allowed me to explore -- everything from speeches to media, intercultural non-verbals and listening, to what ended up being my prime focus, ads. I chose it because of the variety if offered, and that has always been important to me in the way I learn. It gave me the backbone to realize I could go anywhere with it and practically use it in any field I chose/ended up in.


What career have you chosen?
I have chosen a life in higher education, specifically working in Residential Life under the branch of student affairs. I am not sure where that will take me, but I have found my place in helping students learn and grow outside of the classroom. My hope is that my work with them there enhances what they do and achieve inside the classroom and beyond.

What was the most valuable skill or information the Communication major gave you?
The Communication Major gave me the vision of possibility. I think I entered thinking I had to be a journalist or a broadcaster or, as I began to enjoy research, that that was all I would end up doing. But as I completed my program and then continued on to a Master's at San Jose State University, I realized just how much I learned could be applied anywhere I chose, and I chose student life.

 For my field specifically it taught me a great deal about group setting and how to observe communication in a group, which has greatly helped my work in communities of 300-1,500 students. The push in our major to stay abreast of media in variety of ways, coupled with my many international communication courses, has greatly helped my work with international students and offices.

 How does the CSB/SJU Communications Department set you apart?
The CSB/SJU program helped set me apart by helping me have such a broadened scope of understanding and experiences in the major. I entered my grad program one of the youngest students, and many were already working in the field, but few had the breadth of understanding that I had of communication, in media/theory/research/rhetoric, etc., and that truly helped build my confidence at that level.