On-Campus Opportunities

Are there opportunities on campus to gain communication experience?

Yes, there are a variety of on-campus opportunities including:

  • Channel 8—campus TV news station
  • The Record, student newspaper
  • KJNB-FM, student radio station
  • KSJR-FM, Minnesota Public Radio, music format
  • KSJN-FM, Minnesota Public Radio, news format
  • Lower Stumpf Lake Review, annual arts publication
  • Studio One, annual arts publication
  • Community, CSB/SJU campus newsletter
  • Videography editing studio (digital format/Final CutPro)
  • Communication and Marketing Services, publications, marketing, Web design
  • CSB Athletic Department, news writing and sports promotion

How do I find the guidelines for Internships?

We have our guidelines on-line. They will give you step by step instructions.