Jobs and Internships

CSB/SJU communication graduates have developed marketable skills in many areas. Graduates may choose from a wide range of possible careers such as: management, health care, sales, teaching, publishing, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, editing, public service, government service, human resource management, marketing and politics. Many of our students attend graduate school in communication studies, law or medicine. Any profession or career, as well as daily living, calls for good communication skills. The communication department prepares you for life as well as for work.


  1. Any internship approved by the Communication Department must be designed to use the skills of the Communication major.
  2. The prospective Communication intern must have completed 12 communication credits toward her/his minor/concentration or 20 communication credits completed toward her/his major.
  3. If the internship develops skills outside those addressed in the Communication major, the student should explore the option of splitting credits between Communication and another appropriate department.
  4. Although the internship carries Communication credit, a maximum of 4 internship credits may be counted toward the communication major, and a maximum of 16 credits will count toward graduation.
  5. Internships for more than 4 credits require the student to enroll in the Pre-Internship Seminar. Contact Jill Farry in the Internship Office to enroll.
  6. Students must notify the Communication Department of their intent to do an internship. This application is due at least one full semester before the beginning of the internship.
Application Procedure:
  1. Students must declare their intent to get an internship at least one full semester before the internship begins, but they are strongly encouraged to declare their intent to intern two semesters before the internship begins. A faculty member of the student's choice will review the student's declaration of intent and either: (1) accept, (2) reject, or (3) conditionally accept their application. Application forms are available from any Communication faculty member.
  2. The Communication Department will also review all applications. Students must make a case in their application that their coursework is appropriate to the particular internship they are proposing.
  3. A final, official university/college internship proposal is due the last day of each semester's appropriate registration period. This form is available in the Registrar's office.
  1. Students must be able to demonstrate progressive learning in their internships (i.e., students should not be doing the same things at the same levels at the end of the term that they did at the beginning. Instead, students must show an increase in the kind and/or level of work they are doing).
  2. Students are responsible for providing their site supervisor with copies of these guidelines as well as the general CSB/SJU internship guidelines.
  3. Assignments besides the several internship evaluations conducted through the Internship Office are set by the student's internship faculty moderator(s).
  4. All internships will be evaluated on an A-F basis for all Communication majors and minors. Others may opt to take the internship on an S/U basis, where an "S" means the student has completed at least C quality work.
Summer Internships:

Guidelines for summer internships are somewhat different. See your advisor for more information.




Current Class Standing (check one): sophomore junior senior

Advisor's Name:

  1. Which semester do you intend to intern?
  2. How many intern credits do you intend to earn? (check one) 4 8 12 16 other (how many? )
  3. Have you completed or are you currently enrolled in the preinternship seminar? yes no
  4. List the Communication courses you have already completed:
  5. List the Communication courses you intend to take before interning:
  6. Describe the general career area in which you wish to intern and explain your reasons. List any potential intern sites you have contacted or intend to contact.
  7. Describe which communication courses you have taken (or will take before interning) that have/will prepare you for this internship:
  8. Proposed faculty moderator:
  9. Have you discussed this proposal with your proposed moderator? yes no

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