Margaret Siegrist


Communication makes a great complement to a lot of different majors, and for one CSB student, it works in perfect harmony with music. 

Margaret Siegrist '15, a soprano singer from Arvada, Colorado, initially came to CSB/SJU as a music major.  

"I wanted to perform. That was my primary dream," she says. 

This fall, she will start her graduate studies in voice performance at the University of Northern Colorado. Opera is her passion, but she's realistic. 

"Not a lot of people make a living singing, so I decided I wanted to be OK no matter what." 

That's where Communication came into play. She took Professor Karyl Daughters' communication theory class to fulfill her social science requirement and found her second major. 

"In that class I found it's really the way I think. A lot of the theories are just common sense to me, so communication has come naturally." 

In addition to creating career possibilities, she feels her communication education enhanced her vocal performance. 

"I found myself evaluating my audiences a little bit more," she says. 

"I'm thinking more about demographics, whether they're going to be more students or parents. With students you can add more humor ... but sometimes an older audience just wants to hear the pure music." 

Performance, at its essence, is communication. 

"What I really love I having the opportunity to share some snapshot of emotion through an art song or aria with people and have everyone in the audience on the same page for that moment," Siegrist says. 

"It feels like a huge gift to share that with people and to be able to experience it with them. So really I'm a communication junkie in all areas of my life." 

Once she gets her master's degree, she hopes to put her music and communication backgrounds to work on stage and off. 

"I'm really interested working in schools doing music workshops, hopefully through a music organization like an opera house, " she says. 

"I would love to mix performing and promoting music for sure."