Additional Communication Electives

Rhetoric & Public Address 301 Persuasion
Communication Theory 252 Listening (2 credits)
253 Nonverbal (2 credits)
Media Studies 286 Intro to Film (cross-listed in Engl.) (HM)
386 Studies in Film (cross-listed in Engl.)
349 Media Criticism
356 Communication Research
380 Special Topics in Communication
271/371 ILP-Independent Learning Project


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Up to 4 credits of coursework from outside the department may count toward the major if it is from the following:

ART 317, ART 318, ART 333A (2 credits), ART 333D (2 credits), ENGL 311, ENGL 387, PCST 346, PSYC 221, SOCI 205, or one approved elective course from study abroad. These outside courses are optional and not required for the Communication major.