Claire Hasselman ’19

Current Position:

Inside Sales Team Lead, Lifetouch

Why are you passionate about Communication?

To start off, I could not be happier that I majored in Communication at CSB/SJU. The major taught me so much both personally and professionally. I took Media & Society my freshman year and that is when I knew I wanted to move forward with the major. The communication major is very broad and has a wide variety of classes offered to students. The classes vary from Public Speaking to Health Communication to Strategic Communication Campaigns to Media Writing. I felt like my opinions were endless and could make the major my own.

Why did you choose to major in Communication?

I highly recommend the Communication major because it is all around us. We are communicating every single day whether it be face to face or through technology. With all the classes the major offers, you can explore what you are good at and what you enjoy. Our society is constantly changing. With change comes communication whether that be the news, social media or campaigns. 

What was your path to your current professional position?

A Communication degree can take you down various avenues. Right after graduation, I started at Lifetouch Inc. as a recruiter. I was recruiting photographers around the U.S. for five months. Then, I began to wonder what else is out there. I took a leap of faith and applied for an Inside Sales role at Lifetouch. I have been on the team for six months now and I truly enjoy it. Previous to this position, I didn’t have sales experience. I highly encourage students to take opportunities and get out of their comfort zone. I told myself this after graduation and I have grown so much by doing that.