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Share Your Story of Survival or Stepping Up

Are you a survivor of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking or dating violence? Have you intervened on sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, or dating violence related incidences? Have you supported survivors of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, or dating violence? Do you have a desire to share your story?
CERTS has scheduled the annual Journey through Healing event for April 14, 2016. It will be held at CSB in Gorecki 204 B & C. A very meaningful part of the display is the stories from survivors, interveners and supporters. If you feel you are ready to share the emotions, struggles, and triumphs of your experience, please write your story in the designated space below.
Out of respect for all parties involved, if there is content that could identify an individual, we will remove that information in a way as to not change the story itself. If we cannot remove the identifying material without changing the nature of your story, we will not post the story. Your story will be anonymous. Thank you for your voice!
Journey Through Healing
This event is an interactive, walk-through display of stories of sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking and dating violence survival, support, and stepping up. Also included are facts, statistics, videos and other interactive pieces. All information and activities are designed to encourage awareness, knowledge, and understanding, and build empathy around these very important community issues.
Check the events in which you are willing to have your story shared. With Journey Through Healing - your story will be displayed on poster board and be read by people going through the walk-through, interactive display.