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  • I have so much going on between school, activities, friends, and family.  Someone always feels neglected.  I've lost touch with someone I care about.  I am changing and so are they.  How can we reconnect?
  • I feel uncomfortable with how my roommate behaves. 
  • The people I have been hanging out with are not really the poeple I want to surround myself with.  I want to make a change, but don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
  • We fight.  We make make up.  We fight again.  I am not getting what I need from this relationship.  I know I am in an unhealthy relationship, but I can't let go.

*Signs of an unhealthy relationship 

*How to END an UNHEALTHY relationship:

*Maintaining Friendship and Making New Ones:

Sexual Assult:

  • I was really drunk last and things went farther then I wanted them to. 
  • I think I blacked out or passed out and I was taken advantage of.
  • I know I was assulted.  Who do I talk to?

* What is sexual assult:

* Becoming Whole Again:

*Resources and Help:

Family Issues:

  • I am away from my family.  I hear about family issues over the phone.  I am stressed about not being there for my family.  I am afraid something bad is happening in my family.
  • My family is far away and I have left my support network from high school.  I feel all alone.  I am not meeting anyone who has become a close friend. Where can I turn to find soneone to trust?

*Understanding Family Relationship Problems:


  • I thought I could handle it on my own.  I tried to just "be happy".  But I'm not.  I just can't get motviated.

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  • I am worried all the time about school, friends, and family.  I have racing thoughts and feel anxious.  I cannot talk to my friends or family.  I am just stressed.  I thoguth it would get better after that last project and paper, but the feelings did not go away. 

*Anxiety Dissorder Association of America:

* Web MD

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