Gauging Consent

       Before you have sex, ask yourself... Have I expressed what I want? Do I know what my partner wants? Am I certain that consent has been given? Is my potential partner sober enough to decide whether or not to have sex? Am I sober enough to know that I have correctly gauged consent?


RED: Signs You Should Stop Immediately

  • You are too intoxicated to gauge or give consent.

  • Your partner is asleep or passed out.

  • You hope your partner will say nothing and go with the flow.

  • You intend to have sex by any means necessary.


YELLOW: Signs You Should Pause and Talk

  • You are not sure what the other person wants.

  • You feel like you are getting mixed signals.

  • You have not talked about what you want to do.

  • You assume that you will do the same thing as before.

  • Your partner stops or is not responsive.



GREEN: Keep Communicating

  • Partners come to a mutual decision about how far to go.

  • Partners clearly express their comfort with the situation.

  • You feel comfortable and safe stopping at any time.

  • Partners are excited.