Sexual Violence

Everyone has the right to be in relationships (family, friends, work, intimate partner) that are safe and respectful. We want the CSB/SJU communities to be:

  • Communities with healthy, caring sexual attitudes and practices.
  • Cultures that reflect civility, respect, and non-violence.
  • Communities that conceptualize sexual activity as an individual choice, where yes or no is a respected response.
  • Communities that understand sexual activity between two people needs to be mutually consensual without the influence of alcohol or other drugs or the presence of pressure, force, threat, manipulation or intimidation.
  • Communities that are ready, willing, and able to intervene in high risk situations.
  • Communities that support victims and work to understand how sexual assault happens here. 
Sex is not a THING that is given or gotten.

Sex is an intimate activity freely engaged in by willing participants without the undue influence of alcohol, control, manipulation, or threat. 

Facts about sexual violence:
  • Most (80 to 90%) sexual assault victims are assaulted by someone they know.
  • Most people tell the truth about sexual assault. Only 2% to 8% are false reports - same rate as most other felony crimes.
  • Sexual Assault is an act of violence, sex is weapon.
  • Most people don't commit sexual assault, but the few that do, commit multiple sexual assaults as well as other assaults.
  • Majority of perpetrators remain undetected in our community - they are not caught.
  • Sexual violence affects everyone.
  • Sexual violence can happen to anyone, anywhere at any time. 
More about sexual violence: