High Risk Alcohol Bystander Intervention Program

Have you seen someone whose health or safety was in danger from drinking too much? Have you ever drunk to the point of endangering your health and safety? What is the motivation to drink at this level? Is there a safe and healthy level of drinking? What can be done to minimize harm from drinking? How does drinking affect academic and athletic endeavors? Do you understand the gender differences? What else should be known about alcohol and the use of alcohol? Building on the General Bystander Intervention Program, this two-hour interactive session is designed to offer opportunities to:

  • Understand the biology of alcohol.

  • Understand low risk versus high risk drinking.

  • Understand the other high risk behaviors with which alcohol is often associated.

  • Understand own attitudes and behaviors regarding alcohol use.

  • Understand what sort of helping behavior might be needed in situations involving alcohol.

  • Reflect on personal helping strategies by participating in discussions utilizing scenarios, video segments, and role playing activities.

  • Increase the likelihood that helping would occur in unhealthy, unsafe situations involving alcohol.

  • Review the applicable campus and community resources.