Hazing Bystander Intervention Program

Student athletes have been dismissed and teams have been dropped because of hazing incidents. Survey results indicate that at least half of student athletes say they have experienced a hazing situation that made them feel uncomfortable. Almost 80% say hazing bothers them, yet only 20% say they try to stop it. What is hazing? How does it differ from team building? Does it make it any less likely to be hazing if it is a long held tradition? What is the danger of hazing? What is team culture? What is the role of the individual student athlete? Building on the General Bystander Intervention Program, this two-hour interactive session is designed to offer the opportunity to:

  • Understand the issues regarding hazing.

  • Understand own attitudes and behaviors regarding hazing.

  • Understand own role and team culture influences in hazing.

  • Understand the red flags and problematic behaviors related to hazing.

  • Understand what sort of helping behavior might be needed.

  • Reflect on personal helping strategies by participating in discussions using scenarios, video segments and role playing activities.

  • Learn the applicable campus and community resources.

  • Increase the likelihood that helping would occur in situations related to hazing.