Health Initiative

Mission: Empowering men to care for themselves and others.

Who we are: The Saint John's University Health Initiative (HI) is a peer health education and promotion team of SJU students sponsored by the SJU Counseling and Health Promotion Office. The HIs are a group of SJU men who focus primarily on college-aged men's health to strive to improve the health and wellness at SJU.

What we do:  Saint John's Health Initiative is a multi-strategy, multi promotion effort directed toward issues that affect the health and well-being of college-aged men presently and behaviors that could influence their health in the future. We work with a team of students and administrators to develop and implement innovative health promotion strategies and messages targeting the students of Saint John's. Health Initiatives utilize creativity, energy, time, commitment and knowledge of health and health promotion in providing outreach. In addition, we often collaborate with our College of Saint Benedict (CSB) counter-part, the CSB Health Advocates for campus-wide health education programming. 

SJU Health Initiative is committed to bringing health promotions and awareness to the students, faculty, and staff of Saint John's University.


 HI Logo

"Empowering Men to Care for Themselves and Others"


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