Developing a Routine

Having Trouble Adapting to Online School?

Dream Team is here to help with two easy steps!


  1. Create and Stick to a Routine

Why: Creating a routine will help you stay focused and establish good habits to improve your productivity, time management, sleep, and mental health. During COVID, routines can help you cope by providing you with a sense of control and comfort during your day.

To use: In the left column, add times of the day designated to complete certain tasks, which can be written in the bigger boxes on the right. When you’ve picked out the activities and times that fit for you, take a picture with your phone or print your routine and hang it up to follow each night! Be sure to include self-care too! 

Where can I find it:  

Blank Templates

Use the Morning Routine template to help you feel awake and prepared for each day!

Try to set an alarm for around the same time each morning. This will help you feel more awake and ready to tackle today’s schoolwork. 


 Use the Nighttime Routine template to keep you on track for completing all your tasks before bed!

Be sure your routine allows for 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Think about what you can do at night to relax and prepare for the next day.


  1. Make a Do Not Disturb Sign

Why: Prevent distractions by hanging this sign outside your study space.

To use: Print our pre-made Do Not Disturb Signs for schoolwork and sleep or create your own!

Where can I find it: Click on DO NOT DISTURB