Dream Team

Mission:  As college students, we know you have a lot going on in your life and sleep tends to be the last thing on your list. The Dream Team is here to demonstrate the importance of sleep, offer some tips on how to get enough quality sleep, and help you understand why you should make sleep a priority. Because everything you do takes less energy and is more enjoyable when you sleep well.

Who are we: We are a peer educator group sponsored by the CSB/SJU Counseling & Health Promotion Department. We promote healthy sleep habits via sleep campaigns and sleep presentations to individuals and groups on campus.

What we do:  The Dream Team meets regularly to discuss ways to promote sleep and figure out creative ways to present the topic to individuals and groups on campus.

Disclaimer: The CSB/SJU Dream Team are student employees and due to the nature of their backgrounds, are not offering medical advice about sleep, we are only here to create a better understanding of the importance of sleep. Any health concerns about sleep deprivation should be directed to a primary health professional.   

                                            Contact Us: [email protected]

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