Medication Delivery

CSB Health Services recognizes that many students do not have transportation to pick up medications from a pharmacy.

As a convenience, Coborn's Pharmacy-St. Joseph has entered into an agreement with CSB Health Services that medications prescribed by your own provider can be picked up by a CSB Health Services staff member and brought to the CSB Health Center. To take advantage of this service, it is very important that you complete the following steps.

If you do not do the following, your prescription will not be picked up and therefore, not available to you at the CSB Health Center.

NOTE: CSB Health Services staff will not pick up controlled substances such as some medications prescribed for ADD/ADHD, narcotics, etc.

  1. Contact your pharmacy or provider to call/fax your prescription to the Coborn's Pharmacy.
    Phone: 320 271-1135
    Fax: 320-271-1137
  2. Call Coborn's Pharmacy and give them the following information:
    Name of medication that you want filled
    Payment information
    Insurance information
    Your phone number, in case they have questions
    YOU MUST LET THEM KNOW THAT THE CSB STAFF WILL BE PICKING UP THE MEDICATION. If you do not inform the pharmacy that the medication is going to be picked up, it will not be at the CSB Health Center.
  3. Notify CSB Health Services (320-363-5605) that you have a medication to be picked up.
  4. You may pick up your medications from the Reception Desk, CSB Health Center, LL Lottie Hall after 8:30 a.m. the following business day. Bring your photo I.D. for verification.