Healthy Relationships: Myth vs. Truth

Myth: My partner should be my best friend.  

Your best friend should be your best friend. Your partner should be your partner.

That doesn't mean that there's no intimacy between the two of you. It doesn't mean that you can't share. It just means that you have a different relationship than you do with everyone else. That's a good thing.

Myth: A Healthy Couple Doesn't Fight

Fighting is healthy. Arguments are differences of opinion. These differences make us unique and resolving a fight is how we continue to learn about each other. It's not whether you fight but how you fight.

Myth: If you're In Love, You Won't Find Others Attractive

Being in love with someone doesn't mean that you suddenly go blind to beauty. Appreciating someone else's beauty does not equal wanting to be with them.

As long as you're not making your partner feel inadequate, there's nothing wrong with pointing out someone else's attractiveness.

Myth: A Good Couple Should Be Interested In the Same Things

It's important to have some similar interests. But, it's just as important to have different interests that you can take part in separately.

Don't try to make yourself like something just because your partner likes it. Faking it will lead to resentment and problems down the line.

Myth: I'll Be Happy Once He/She Changes

A partner is NOT a project. The only thing you can change is yourself. No one is perfect. You should decide whether or not you want to  accept  your partner's flaws and  otherwise focus  on celebrating what you admire and respect about them.