Undergraduate Research

ACS 2011 Students

Our students do research in the academic year (at CSB/SJU) and during the summer, both at CSB/SJU and at other sites, with the mentorship of CSB/SJU Chemistry  faculty. They often present their research at regional and national meetings.

Summer Research

Many of our students do summer research either at CSB/SJU or elsewhere.  The goal of most summer research/internships programs is to train new chemists and recruit them to graduate school. Typical summer research/internship jobs are 10-12 weeks long. Salaries vary from unpaid -$7,000. Many provide travel and housing also.  Why do summer research?  Check out the following link:  ACS UG Research Guide

Summer Research at CSB/SJU Chemistry Department

Each summer the CSB/SJU Chemistry Departments hires around 15 students to do research and work in the stockroom.  Check out the links above to see the research projects of our faculty.

Summer Research in China

Select CSB/SJU biochemistry and chemistry students will do 10 weeks of research at Southwest University, located in the Beibei district of China's western municipal-province of Chongqing.  Students will be mentored by an SWU faculty advisor and work with a designated SWU student. Before starting their research program, CSB/SJU research students will participate along with other international students in a 2-week orientation and regional travel program. In Summer 2013, students will have the opportunity to work on projects involving the isolation and characterization of phages for mycobacteria/ cynobacteria/acenitobacteria or on synthesis and application of novel amino acid derivatives as catalysts for asymmetric reactions. 

Summer Research at External Sites

Many of our students have done summer research at sites other than CSB/SJU.  Two have worked in the labs of Nobel Laureates (Joseph Goldstein, University of Texas Southwest Medical Center and  Frank Sherwood Rowland, University of California, Irvine).  Here is list of external sites.  Our students have done summer  research at many of them.

How to apply for summer research programs

A key to being accepted is to write a quality personal statement, which will help institutions assess your motivation.  A personal statement is an essay that conveys to potential employers.  It should include:

  • Your experience and coursework
  • Your career goals
  • Why their program is a good fit for you (and them) 

Here is link to the ACS Directory of Graduate Research  is the most comprehensive source of information on chemical research and researchers at universities in North America.