Major Departmental Instruments

The Chemistry Department updates and modernizes its equipment on a continuous basis. We currently have more than $1 million in modern instrumentation, and our most recent acquisition is a $370,000 400 MHz NMR.

The laboratories in the Ardolf Science Center are equipped with the latest in scientific instrumentation and supporting computer technology. The chemistry department has a hands-on philosophy with regard to scientific instrumentation. Students begin using research-quality instruments in the first semester of their coursework, and research projects.

Computer technology has made enormous strides in the last decade, and the chemistry department has integrated it into every level of its curriculum. Students learn to use the most powerful software packages and get experience with computer-driven data acquisition and refinement. They also see firsthand the power of the computer in the areas of molecular graphics and the modeling of fundamental chemical phenomena. In the past three years, two members of the chemistry department won awards for the incorporation of chemical computation into their teaching.

Our list of major instrument holdings:

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Dr. Alicia Peterson
Chair, Chemistry Department
CSB Ardolf Science Center 123 and 246

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