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Biochemistry at CSB/SJU

The biochemistry major combines the strengths of both our chemistry and biology faculty. This gives our students the opportunity to do the kind of original research that will get them prepared for their future-either in graduate school, medical school or in the job market.

Pre-medicine at CSB/SJU
ACS Study Abroad Programs

Programs for undergraduate chemistry students listed on the American Chemical Society web page.

Undergraduate Research

Our students do research in the academic year at CSB/SJU and during the summer, both at CSB/SJU and at other sites, with the mentorship of CSB/SJU Chemistry faculty. They often present their research at regional and national meetings.

Major Departmental Instruments
The Cavendish Chronicle

Department newsletter with information about our faculty, students, and alums.


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Dr. Alicia Peterson
Chair, Chemistry Department
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