Stephanie Roe

Name: Stephanie Roe
Majors: Chemistry and Music Composition 

Stephanie Roe is a student well suited to the liberal arts environment of St Ben’s and St. John’s.  She is a double major in Chemistry (ACS) and Music Composition.  “People laugh when I tell them what I study,” she says, “but my two majors give me a perfect balance between the analytical and the creative.  My professors in both subjects have been incredibly supportive as I follow my interdisciplinary college path.”

Stephanie is now a junior and she spent the past summer doing undergraduate research here at St. Ben’s.  She worked with Dr. Chris Schaller on a catalyst synthesis project and gained much more confidence in the lab environment.  “My creative side helps me to find new angles when I try to solve a problem,” she says.  “I learned so much about critical thinking and problem solving, as well as knowledge about the different instruments in the lab.”

Stephanie is currently immersed in her studies and plans to continue to study chemistry in graduate school.  She feels that her research and academic experience at St. Ben’s will be a wonderful foundation for her future career in chemistry.