The Chemistry Department, with the financial help of the National Science Foundation, is implementing a chemistry curriculum that will prepare students to learn and practice science in a modern world in which disciplinary boundaries are removed and collaboration and integration of disciplines is essential. Here are some of the innovative features of our curriculum, which has received approval from graduate, medical, DO and PT schools:

  • An introductory, “atoms first” course which shows how chemical properties emerge from structure
  • Integration of the five subdisciplines of chemistry into a series of innovative foundation courses
  • A new model for a skills and techiques-based chemistry labs with use of advanced instrumentation
  • A problem-based learning pedagogy
  • Expanded student choice of concentrations and in-depth courses

Quick Facts

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Chemistry Major with Concentration

We offer one concentration in chemistry so that students can focus in areas of modern chemistry. One of the most compelling reasons to offer this concentration is to provide students with a modern but flexible curriculum that maximizes choice.

ACS Certification

The American Chemical Society also provide a certification for students who complete a bachelor’s degree meeting the ACS guidelines. An ACS-certified degree signifies that a student has completed an integrated, rigorous program including introductory and foundational course work in chemistry and in-depth course work in chemistry or chemistry-related fields. The certified degree also emphasizes laboratory experience and the development of professional skills needed to be an effective chemist.

Course Number Course Title Credits
CHEM 105 Chemistry and Society 4 Credits
CHEM 121 Skills in Chemistry 2 Credits
CHEM 125 Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties 4 Credits
CHEM 125A Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties-FoCuS 4 Credits
CHEM 201 Purification and Separation Lab I 1 Credit
CHEM 201A Purification and Separation Lab I-FoCuS 1 Credit
CHEM 202 Purification and Chromatography Lab II 1 Credit
CHEM 202A Purification and Chromatography Lab II-FoCuS 1 Credit
CHEM 203 Synthesis Lab 1 Credit
CHEM 203A Synthesis Lab-FoCuS 1 Credit
CHEM 205 Chemical Measurement Lab 1 Credit
CHEM 215 Problem Solving Seminar I 1 Credit
CHEM 215A Problem Solving Seminar I-FoCuS 1 Credit
CHEM 216 Problem Solving Seminar II 1 Credit
CHEM 216A Problem Solving Seminar II-FoCuS 1 Credit
CHEM 250 Reactions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles (Reactivity 1) 4 Credits
CHEM 250A Reactions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles (Reactivity 1)-FoCuS 4 Credits
CHEM 251 Intermediate Reactions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles (Reactivity 2) 4 Credits
CHEM 251A Intermediate Reactions of Nucleophiles and Electrophiles (Reactivity 2)-FoCuS 4 Credits
CHEM 255 Macroscopic Chemical Analysis 4 Credits
CHEM 271 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CHEM 304 Analytical Method Development and Validation Laboratory 1 Credit
CHEM 305 Integrated Laboratory 4 Credits
CHEM 306A Advanced Electronics & Instrumentation Lab 1 Credit
CHEM 306B Advanced Biochemical Techniques Lab 1 Credit
CHEM 306C Advanced Lab Topic: Synthesis 1 Credit
CHEM 306D Advanced Lab Topic: Materials 1 Credit
CHEM 306E Advanced Lab Topic: Protein Engineering 1 Credit
CHEM 315 Advanced Reactions (Reactivity 3) 4 Credits
CHEM 316 Catalysts & Initiators 1 Credit
CHEM 318 Microscopic Chemical Analysis 4 Credits
CHEM 321 Topics in Computational Chemistry 1-4 Credits
CHEM 322A Topics in Analytical Chemistry – Forensics 2 Credits
CHEM 322B Topic: Food Analysis 2 Credits
CHEM 323A Food Toxicology 2 Credits
CHEM 323B Topics in Biochemistry: Fermentation 4 Credits
CHEM 323C The Biochemistry of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) 2 Credits
CHEM 323D Biochemical Pharmacology 2 Credits
CHEM 324A Electrochemistry, Batteries and Sensors 2 Credits
CHEM 330 Chemistry Lab Research 2 Credits
CHEM 343 Climate & Habitat Change 2 Credits
CHEM 344A Environmental Chemistry: Atmosphere 2 Credits
CHEM 344B Environmental Chemistry: Lithosphere and Hydrosphere 2 Credits
CHEM 345 Industrial Engineering Processes 2 Credits
CHEM 346 Nanomaterials 2 Credits
CHEM 347 Chemical Biology 2 Credits
CHEM 348A Molecular Design-Organic 2 Credits
CHEM 348B Molecular Design-Inorganic 2 Credits
CHEM 349 Chemistry in Experience and Practice 1 Credit
CHEM 352 Signal Transduction 2 Credits
CHEM 353 Xenobiotic Metabolism 2 Credits
CHEM 354 Sustainable Energy 2 Credits
CHEM 355 Analysis of Biomaterials 2 Credits
CHEM 356 Instrumental Design and Technology 2 Credits
CHEM 357 Separation Science 2 Credits
CHEM 358 Biomacromolecules 2 Credits
CHEM 359 Symmetry & Spectroscopy 2 Credits
CHEM 360 Junior/Senior Capstone Research 2 Credits
CHEM 361 Mechanistic Determination 2 Credits
CHEM 362 Polymers 2 Credits
CHEM 363 Structural Elucidation 2 Credits
CHEM 364 Medicinal Chemistry 2 Credits
CHEM 371 Individual Learning Project 1-4 Credits
CHEM 390 Science Ethics: How Science and Policy Shape How We Live in the World 4 Credits
CHEM 397 Internship 4-16 Credits