Concentrations within the Chemistry Major and the Chemistry Minor

Chemistry Major with Concentrations

We offer 3 concentrations in chemistry so that students can focus in areas of modern chemistry.  One of the most compelling reasons to offer concentrations is to provide students with a modern but flexible curriculum that maximizes choice. 

Chemical Biology - CHEM 347 required, and three Chemical Biology (CB) electives. Note: BIOL 318: Molecular Genetics can count toward chemical biology elective       

Environmental Chemistry - CHEM 344 required, and three Environmental Chem (EN) electives 

Materials/Industrial Chemistry - Four Industrial/Materials (IM) Electives 


The American Chemical Society also provide a certification for students who complete a bachelor's degree meeting the ACS guidelines.  An ACS-certified degree signifies that a student has completed an integrated, rigorous program including introductory and foundational course work in chemistry and in-depth course work in chemistry or chemistry-related fields. The certified degree also emphasizes laboratory experience and the development of professional skills needed to be an effective chemist.  

ACS Certification with or without concentration

Chemistry Minor

The minor is recommended for those students whose major interests are in other academic areas, which can be strengthened by a concentration in chemistry.

Required Courses:

  • CHEM 125
  • three of the foundation labs CHEM 201, 202, 203 and 205
  • 20 credits from chemistry courses numbered 250 or higher..