Jobs and Internships

Jobs and Internships

Chemistry graduates from CSB and SJU have a wide variety of options. "About half of our graduates enter graduate or professional schools while the other half choose employment in related fields," says Carleen Schomer OSB, associate professor of chemistry. Graduates are employed as professional chemists by business, industry or educational institutions and are engaged in many kinds of basic and applied research. For a number of CSB/SJU chemistry graduates, their chemistry degree serves as valuable preparation for graduate or professional school in engineering, medicine, business or law.

Positions held by graduates include:

  • polymer chemist in Texas

  • professor of environmental chemistry at John Hopkins University

  • special agent for the U.S. Treasury Department

  • neurologist in Missouri

  • president of a computer firm in Minnesota 

  • marketing manager for a chemical company in Ohio

  • cardiologist in Kansas

  • patent lawyer in Minnesota

  • Peace Corps volunteer in Africa

  • director of research in analytical chemistry for Ecolab