External Summer Research and Internship Opportunities in Chemistry

We have placed students at many of the sites below.

International Summer Research

  • ACS International Undergraduate Research and Internship Searchable database (search for it)
  • International research opportunities by country 

Chemistry & Materials Science

  • NSF/REU Programs - Research Experience for Undergraduates, sponsored by National Science Foundation.  These opportunities are available at various institutions around the country and international sites.  International REU sites will sometimes hire graduated seniors.  This program offers the largest single list of research opportunities available.          
  • National Institute of Standards & Technology - materials science and engineering. 
  • IBM-Almaden Program in Materials Science -  The IBM Research Internship Awards program was established to promote diversity and develop access to a larger and more diverse group of outstanding candidates.
  • University of Minnesota Lando Program
  • University of Akron, College of Polymer Science - another area with very high employment rates.

Health-Related Research

Summer Research Positions That Don't Require US Citizenship

If the summer internship includes any kind of compensation (salary, stipend, scholarship/grant, room and board, transportation, etc.) from a source other than Amherst College, the student may need to apply to  the U. S. Government for "optional practical training" permission. Authorization process for obtaining permission for off-campus summer internships can take several months.

Energy, Environment, Planetary Science

Related Corporate Internship Opportunities: