Davis Deanovic


Davis DeanovicSaint John’s University senior Davis Deanovic’s summer gig didn’t stop at the end of August when he headed back for classes. Instead, when the chemistry major from Northfield, Minnesota was set to complete his internship with Upsher-Smith, the company asked him to stay on during the school year.

Upsher-Smith is a pharmaceutical company based in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Deanovic’s internship included a variety of different assignments.

“I worked directly with the chemists and assisted them by calibrating equipment, preparing testing solutions and prepping samples for analysis via HPLC’s or GC’s,” Deanovic said. “I also worked on my own drug de-formulation project, which consisted of developing methods to isolate and identify different components present with a dosage form so that they could be compared to the dosage forms of other competing companies.”

For Deanovic, interning for Upsher-Smith gave him a chance to apply his academic experience in chemistry in an industrial setting.

“My CSB/SJU education in chemistry helped make me a competitive candidate for this internship—with the ability to contribute and add value to a research group,” Deanovic said.

He also credits CSB/SJU with giving him skills beyond just academic.

“These schools helped me develop life skills that transformed this experience. Skills like work ethic, time management, communication and a strong ability to work with others.”

Upsher-Smith was so impressed by Deanovic’s abilities, they offered him a part-time position during the school year. An offer he gladly accepted.

Interning for Upsher-Smith during the summer and now working part-time during the school year has really motivated Deanovic to stay engaged in his classes, because he has experienced firsthand the application of that education in the real world. And the icing on the cake for Deanovic?

“I know that having this experience to list on my resume will make me a stronger candidate for whatever comes next—either graduate school or fulltime employment,” Deanovic remarked.