M. Abul Fazal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2008

Ph.D. - University of Washington, Seattle, 2005

M.S. - North Dakota State University, Fargo, 2001Md Fazal
B.Sc. - University of Dhaka, Dhaka, 1995
Office:  Ardolf Science Center 248
Phone: 320.363.5153
Email: [email protected]

Personal Webpage

Courses Taught:  

  • CHEM 125: Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties
  • CHEM 201:  Purification and Separation Laboratory I
  • CHEM 202:  Purification and Chromatography Laboratory II
  • CHEM 205: Chemical Measurement Laboratory
  • CHEM 215:  Problem Solving Seminar I
  • CHEM 255:  Fundamentals of Macroscopic Chemical Analysis
  • CHEM 305:  Integrated Laboratory
  • CHEM 345: Industrial and Engineering Processes
  • CHEM 355: Analysis of Biomaterials
  • CHEM 357: Separation Science

Research/Professional Interests:

Our research is focused at the interface between chemistry and biology. Currently we are working in two broader areas: (i) Understanding bio-physicochemical interactions of nanoparticles with cells and cellular components (protein, DNA, lipid etc.) using spectroscopic techniques and (ii) Development of analytical methods/devices for simple, fast, and ultrasensitive detection of target analytes in biological, clinical, and environmental samples.