Christen Strollo, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Christen Strollo

Ph.D. - University of California, Riverside, 2013

  • B.S. - Muhlenberg College, 2006
  • Office: Ardolf Science Center 250
  • Phone: (320) 363-5292
  • Email: [email protected]

Personal Webpage

Courses Taught:

  • CHEM 125: Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties
  • CHEM 201:  Purification and Separation Lab 1
  • CHEM 202:  Purification and Chromatography Lab 2
  • CHEM 205:  Measurement Lab
  • CHEM 255:  Foundations of Macroscopic Analysis
  • CHEM 305:  Integrated Lab
  • CHEM 343:  Climate and Habitat Change
  • CHEM 344A: Environmental Chemistry:  Atmosphere
  • CHEM 356:  Instrumental Design and Technology
  • CHEM 349:   Chemistry in Experience and Practice
  • CHEM 360:  Capstone Research
  • ENVR 300Q: Environmental Health 


Research/Professional Interests:

My research group is interested in the chemistry of atmospheric particles, specifically the chemical processes that impact public health and climate change.  We are developing new techniques that further our understanding  of the transport, transformation and chemical fate of environmental contaminants in addition to examining the chemical kinetics and thermodynamics of reactions that occur at the surface of atmospheric particles.  This research will help us understand how the composition of particles and environment impact the ability of particles to form clouds; it will also provide much needed information to protect the environment and mitigate the impact of atmospheric pollutants.