CentraCare Clinic — Saint John's

CentraCare Clinic — Saint John’s provides primary care services serving the greater Saint John’s/Collegeville community. This includes:

  • Students from SJU, School of Theology and Saint John’s Prep
  • CSB/SJU faculty and staff
  • Monastic communities of Saint John’s and Saint Benedict’s
  • CSB Students* (Note that the health care visits to CentraCare Clinic – Saint John’s are not covered by the CSB Health Fee.)

The clinic is located on the first floor of the Quadrangle (QUAD) and is staffed by a part-time family practice physician and part-time advanced practice providers including a physician assistant as well as a registered nurse. 

Our clinic is part of a broad health care system that provides comprehensive, high-quality care to people throughout Central Minnesota. CentraCare Health serves all who seek care with compassion, dignity and respect, while seeking to enhance individual and community health.

We welcome all major insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider to see if CentraCare Clinic is “in network.”