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Upcoming Events

Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Luncheon

Next session:

Thursday, March 10th, 2016
Featuring Speaker: TBD

This luncheon is offered for alumni/nae who are entrepreneurs and those who support them. Hosted at the Minneapolis Club in downtown Minneapolis this luncheon series features speakers who are unsung successful alum entrepreneurs. The luncheon is by invitation only. Contact Kelli Gradin at the  Entrepreneurship Center 320-363-2065 for more information.

Sponsors for the luncheon cover the majority of expenses to make these luncheons possible.

2015-16 sponsors are:

  • Faegre, Baker, Daniels   -   Title Sponsor
  • MHS Companies
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Platinum Bank

DVD's of some of our previous speakers are available by calling Kelli Gradin 320-363-2065 or by e-mail to [email protected]. You may listen to an audio version of the speakers by going to their biography on this site. Downloadable audio copies of many of the speakers can be found by entering into your mp3 player access software.


Eric Rego Big Idea Competition!

Tuesday, February 16th
Gorecki Family Theater, BAC, College of Saint Benedict

Cash Prizes! You must submit a 30 second video to be eligible to compete. Video submissions due February 2nd. Finalists will be announced on February 9th!

 The big idea competition is about celebrating students that have the creativity to produce a big idea, the courage to share a big idea, and the passion to transform a big idea into big results. Contestants will have 90 seconds to present their idea to a panel of judges. The judges who are successful entrepreneurial CSBSJU alums will be acting as investors that are choosing which ideas to fund.

            Winning ideas could range from students that have a plan to create a pizza shop to someone that has a plan to end world hunger. Contestants with the winning ideas will identify a need in the world and provide a solution to meet that need. Practicality and feasibility will be rewarded, but so will ambition. Remember it is not the practical idea competition; It is the big idea competition. Consider the judges as investors. Regardless of the complexity or size of your idea, more than anything you need to gain the support of the judges by making them desire to live in a world where your idea is a reality and convincing them you will turn your idea into a reality.

             In your 30 second video submission you will not be able to answer all of these questions, but these questions should help you shape your video. Pick a couple of these questions to answer and use your 30 seconds to make us believe in you and want to learn more about your idea.

1: The quality of your idea.

o   Does your idea meet a need?

o   Does your idea provide a solution?

o   Does your idea have a market?

2. The quality of your presentation.

o   Did you say your name and the name of your product/idea?

o   Did you make eye contact?

o   Did you present with confidence?

o   Did you leave the audience wanting more?

o   Did you ask the judges/investors for their support?

3. Demonstration that you can turn your idea into results.

o   Did you explain how much money you will need?

o   Did you explain how you will generate money?

o   Did you explain how you will sustain your idea over time?

o   Did you demonstrate that you have the skills and determination to make your idea come to life?

To learn more about this competition, submit a video or ask a question about this event, email Kelli Gradin at [email protected]