Exporting and International

Export Hotline  - This web site provides reports on 78 countries by industry (business trends, market updates, best prospects, sales leads, company profiles, key contacts).  It also provides a free exporter's kit.

IMEX Exchange, Inc.  - The IMEX Exchange, Inc. is dedicated to promoting international trade on the Internet, and through international trade, cooperation and understanding between nations and people. The IMEX Exchange, Inc. is set up as an electronic marketplace for business-to-business information, government-to-business information, new products, and services for global companies or those companies planning to enter the global marketplace.

Small Business Exporters Association - The Small Business Exporters Association  (SBEA) is a forceful and influential advocate of those important matters facing small and mid-sized exporters.   SBEA brings together business people of common interest who possess skills and talents valuable to each other and the nation. The SBEA provides advocacy, networking, and other member services.

Tradeport  - This site is sponsored by the Bay Area Economic Forum and LA Trade in San Francisco.  Although intended to stimulate California's import-export business, the site is open to anyone.  It features everything from tips for new importers or exporters to analyses of the export potential of many foreign markets.

Trade Information Center  - This site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce offers free information on U.S.government export services, market research reports, counseling services for specific countries, and referrals to other helpful sources.

U.S. Council for International Business - This is the only U.S. organization authorized to issue ATA carnets for international trade.

World Bank - This site provides country information, world economic and financial news.  It is a global knowledge base covering multiple topics in finance, development, and social policy.   It contains a search engine that can call up any country in the world and present an economic overview.

World Fact Book  - The World Fact Book is published by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and is often referred to as the CIA Fact Book.  The most recent available is 1997.  It contains in-depth profiles of individual countries by categories of history, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.

World Trade Centers Association - The World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) has more than 300 regional offices located in virtually every major trading city in the world.  It links business and governement agencies involved in global trade.  This web site offers trade information, trade education, programs, exhibit and display facilities, and trade mission assistence.