Guest Editorial ----Matt Logering 2005-2007

  The Entrepreneur Scholar program has been inspiring lives since it started in the fall of 2004.  One of our graduating Entrepreneur Scholars, Matt Logering, was asked to talk about his experience in the program.  

            Matt found out about Entrepreneur Scholars from Professor Paul Marsnik when he spoke about the program at an on-campus event.  Matt knew from that point on that he needed to get involved in the program.  Matt remembers first hearing about the great opportunities that the program offers and its real world entrepreneurial experience.  Matt knew that he would not be able to get that kind of experience in the standard class setting.

            Matt was selected to join the second cohort of the Entrepreneur Scholar program, 2005-07 and he reports that everything Paul Marsnik talked about came true and more.  Through the program Matt was able to learn about and experience the ‘ins-and outs’ of the business world as a co-founder of Your College Memories. “The program offered me real world entrepreneurial experience that I could never get in the standard class setting.  I wanted to learn and practice entrepreneurship first hand, and this program gave me just that.”

One of the best parts of the program, he said, was being in a select group of students who were in class together, traveled to learn together and formed businesses together for the full 2 years of the program.  “I feel the relationships I formed, both with peers and business leaders, were the most valuable and long lasting parts of the Entrepreneur Scholar program.”

            Matt graduated from Saint John’s University in May 2007.  He plans to continue and co-own Your College Memories, while working full time at a consulting firm, Accenture, in their Minneapolis office.  “The resources available through the Entrepreneur Scholar program prepared me for my career search by giving me the knowledge necessary to accurately assess the many opportunities available to students after graduation and the connections to meet people inside companies I was interested in.”